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Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist

Description: Calms and hydrates skin. Keeps pores clean and free from dirt. Purifies and rejuvenates skin

All skin types especially mature

Contains: Coconut milk, carrot, swiss green apple

4.2 oz spray bottle


$ 38.00 | View Details

Eminence Rosehip Tonique

Description: Tightens pores and balances skin tone. Salicylic acid prevents acne-causing bacteria

Light floral scent. Gives skin a boost of vitamins.

Ingredients: rosehips, salicylic acid.

All skin types, including rosacea and normal to dry

4 oz spray bottle

$ 35.00 | View Details

Eminence Soothing Chamomile Tonique

Description: Restores skin to a neutral ph after peels. Evens out skin tone and rich in bioflavinoids

Deactivator for enzyme, glycolic and lactic peels.

Ingredients: chamomile, licorice and lavender, comfrey root and antioxidants, aloe vera

4.2 oz spray bottle



$ 35.00 | View Details

Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

Description: Helps lighten pigmentation. Removes make-up. Hydrates, refreshes and tones skin

Contains salicylic acid, stone crop juice

Normal to dry skin

4.2 oz spray bottle

$ 25.00 | View Details

Eminence Sweet Red Rose Tonique

Description: Moisturizes, cleanses, purify and calms skin. Clears pores and repairs skin

Contains sweet red rose petals, salicylic acid

4 oz Spray Bottle

$ 35.00 | View Details

Eminence Wild Plum Tonique

Description: Revitalizing toner, oxygenating skin. Relieves irritation and leaves skin calm and sleek

Contains wild plum juice, salicylic acid

Normal to dry skin

4 oz Spray bottle

$ 35.00 | View Details

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